What is a blog and other questions

What is a blog? My guess is, if you have found this post on this particular website then you already know what a blog is. But just in case, let’s go over it. Some might say it is an online journal, others might say it is an online diary (same thing, fyi) some folks might say it is one of the new web 2.0 applications. I would place my betting chips with the last group, if I was a betting man. Web 2.0 is the newest version of the web that we all know and love. What makes web 2.0 special and unique is the fact that we are the ones creating it. These posts we do on our blogs, our videos’ on youtube, and pics on Flicker is what is creating the web. Don’t believe me? Try searching anything on google and see what happens. Most likely the word you searched pulled up certain web 2.0 websites. Maybe you searched a movie trailer (like the Dark Knight out July 18, 08 wink, wink), or maybe you searched a weird illness you have been having lately (irritable bowel syndrome?). Whatever you searched you may have found a youtube link, a link to someones blog, a link to wikipedia (yep that is web 2.0 also) or maybe a chat room on someones home made website. These are all web 2.0 sites. We control the internet, we control the message. Majority rules once and for all! What is great about web 2.0 is everytime I type the words “North Kansas Shoe Co.” and enter it as a tagname, I become one of those links you will find when you search “North Kansas Shoe Co.” (North Kansas Shoe Co. may or may not actually exsist)
So I bet you are dying to ask, “Travis, what is your favorite web 2.0 application?” Well fellow bloggers, like many of you out there, my favorite app is youtube! Why? Because it rocks! Where else can I see a video of prisoners dancing to Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”? Or maybe I want to see a practically grown man (girl?) cry for Britany Spears. You bet you’re sweet cinnabon cinnamon rolls I can find those things on youtube. So go children fill OUR web with pointless videos or old action movies, homemade stunts and ninja information men.
I guess in closing, I would like you take a look at one of my favorite blogs. It is by upcoming artist Jeff Victor. His website explains a lot about him and who he works for but he also spends time doing quick sketches that are fun and different. Take a look. He’s amazing. A big inspiration to someone like me, because I wish I could draw better then I can. Take a peek, you won’t regret it.
Jeff- if we ever meet, you owe me at least thirty bucks for that awesome plug…


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