Eye-mazing Txtr

Many times I am told by the elderly that I could never know the challenges of their day. They tell me stories of churning their own butter, of walking up hill to school, and something about farming. They tell me I could never accomplish such mighty tasks. Well tonight I performed a task the likes of which none of my grandparents could do! Tonight I talked with three people while watching a movie, playing a game and doing some dish washing to make it really crazy. Now I challenge the general population of 80 and older to match my abilities there.

My sister Carlee once sent like 10,000 texts in one month. Ridiculous. I could never do that, but I did send like a total of 20, I think. In my life I don’t regularly text people, usually I just call them. This weekend, though, I decided to try and keep in touch the new fashioned way. So as my wife and I settled in with some scones to watch Spider Man 3, I sent out a text to several of my friends. The text said, ” I need to have a conversation via text and I choose you…peek a choo.” Within minutes I began getting responses. The first response came from my friend Smith, who said, “What the? You’re kinda messed up.” Smith never seems to fully understand what is going on, so I told him it was for school and called him a goob. He replied saying “Oh. Well if you weren’t so stingy with your bananas Micheal…” It was weird.

My next reply was from my brother Miles who said, “K so what are u doing tomorrow?”
” I have school tell noon. What are you doing tomorrow?”
” Well I pretty much have sucky school”
“Do you work at the Marketplace?” The marketplace is a grocery store in Bountiful, it is actually called Dick’s but times are a changing and I now call it the Marketplace.
“yep 7 to 11”, Miles said.
“Hmmm, well the writers strike is pretty much over”
“Yep, soon you will be able to watch the Office again. Oh also they might make an Arrested Development movie”
“really sweet!”
“What is the family doing tonight (at) home”, I said. Mind you during this time, I was washing the dishes from dinner, which made my hands wet, which in turn made for lengthy turnaround times for replies.
“Watching a movie”
“what movie?”
“Evan Almighty”
“awesome, well I think I have enough that we can stop this forced conversation!”
“yeah it has been akward”

So within just a moments time, I was able to learn so much pointless information about my brother. I received several other responses but will not be posting them because of time. I will say this though, one thing I learned about texting that irritates me is that every time I type the word “at” it would populate with 28. This is because one time I asked my brother if he wanted to watch 28 days later and now the stupid phone thinks I am always asking questions about the number 28. It doesn’t matter how many times I change it to “at” it always puts 28 first. So I now ask you, dear reader, when was the last time you accidentally said 28 instead of “at”?


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