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Final Project

It has become a very complicated story that I have struggled telling on this scale. I hope you enjoy it but if you get confused sorry.

Find my twin

Find my twin myspace

Sam Wilck Report

Sam Loves Vanessa

I am not sure if I will finish this story or not. It is complex and very time consuming and frankly know one is really reading besides you. Thanks reader! You are the best!


Final Project: Online Fiction Story

One man is sent back in time to prevent two long lost twins from coming in contact for the safety of the future world.

One twin begins his search to find his long lost brother. With a prophecy of disaster coming when they meet one USX agent is sent back to prevent their meeting. Along the way he solves other ridiculous small time continuum problems. But as the twin draws closer to find his brother the lines of who’s right and who’s wrong begin to blur. We learn that this meeting of brothers is in fact what saves democracy and that the agent has been deceived by his leaders. In desperation we see in letters to his wife his attempt to bring the boys together before his damage can’t be undone. In a final post we learn of the meeting of the brothers and the security of our future is in place.

The characters are Tim Waterson- lost twin brother and blogger extraordinare. Tim posts his blog thoughts and quest for finding his brother in a semi serious semi humorous way. Tim his supported in his quest by his girlfriend Tina. Tina is a geeky punk girl who speaks her mind. Tim’s parents seem to either not know about his twin or not want him to know. His blogging is a secret.

The other main character is Capt. Sam Wilck who is the agent of USX. Generally a good person, he follows his orders to a T. You see his professional side in the blogs to his leaders but a romantic human side in the blogs to his wife Vanessa. You never hear Vanessa because she in the future but you learn a lot of what he thinks about his life.

Online Fiction: What can you do?

So we have to start brainstorming in class for what topic/story we can do our online fiction about. So I have been trying to decide what would be best. A few years back I created a fake online persona named Jimmy Plant. He would email my friends (and me, so they believed) and cuss them out. He was a bastard. I might bring him back and give him his own full blog. I think I might make him opposite of me in every way. Except gender. I would give him African heritage and make him love sports. Perhaps he would be an atheist chain smoker as well.

I could though make him Jewish and that way I could just use a picture of me because I look Jewish. I think my Jewish friend would try and create a new religion called i-jew. An apple loving man who feels that Steve Jobs is the new messiah and that Pixar members are new apostles. Who knows.

I thought maybe I could write something totally unbelievable as well. A time traveler’s Blog. This would be a man from the future sent back in time to “base” in 2008. His job is to frequently travel back in time and fix hiccups in the “space time continuum”. His blog acts as his journal and report to his leaders back in 3011 who log onto the old fashioned internet and check the blog as the updates come. So the blog would represent his stories of how he saved our world. For example pushed the iceburg into the titanic to make sure that James Cameron could make his grossing movie hit which would send Leonardo DiCaprio to fame where in 2022, Leonardo would donate all his money to a children’s orphanage that would eventually raise up our 2047 President of the United States. Thank heavens for that save, otherwise we all be under Communist rule in 2047. This would be his blogging adventures.

Final Wikipedia Article

It took some work to do but I was able to create an article that was focused around the online game for the Dark Knight movie. Wikipedia decided to “speedily delete” my old marketing article, so I routed that article to this new one based more on the game. I am very proud of this article, take a look and let me know what you think. You can view it here.

And then we came to an end Review

I have recently (last hour) finished the book, Then We Came To The End, by Joshua Ferris. The book revolves around a group of coworkers who work for an advertising firm. They are slowly being laid off as it is the end of the 90’s internet boom. This is a first novel for author Joshua Ferris and it is a very top notch first piece of work.I throughly enjoyed the story and interaction with the characters.

Ferris writes the novel in the first person-plural format. Meaning that the novel is written in this “we” idea. Hence the title, then WE came to the end. Ferris starts off the novel with a lot of office humor similar in many ways to the humor found on NBC’s the Office. Then something starts to happen, you start to become emotionally involved with these characters. By the end of the novel you no longer feel like he is trying to be funny but that the attitudes of the characters are funny. You know their personalities and are familiar with what they might do in these situations.

Ferris’ descriptions are classic. For example, when Ferris is describing the office coordinator he says, “It was rumored that, like an ant, her back could bear the burden of something several times her body weight.” It is rich descriptions like that one, that leave you imagining the person in your head as you see her and not as Ferris so much describes her.

As the novel goes on you learn about each person and become familiar with their names. It is very much like the first day at a real job in the idea that when you start you don’t know names and their is just to much going on to keep up, but by the end you know everyone and care for them. I highly recommend this novel for someone looking for a good laugh, a chance to care about some characters, and even a little action (Tom Mota comes back to work after being laid off for “vengeance”). You can pick up the book through Amazon here.