Online Fiction: What can you do?

So we have to start brainstorming in class for what topic/story we can do our online fiction about. So I have been trying to decide what would be best. A few years back I created a fake online persona named Jimmy Plant. He would email my friends (and me, so they believed) and cuss them out. He was a bastard. I might bring him back and give him his own full blog. I think I might make him opposite of me in every way. Except gender. I would give him African heritage and make him love sports. Perhaps he would be an atheist chain smoker as well.

I could though make him Jewish and that way I could just use a picture of me because I look Jewish. I think my Jewish friend would try and create a new religion called i-jew. An apple loving man who feels that Steve Jobs is the new messiah and that Pixar members are new apostles. Who knows.

I thought maybe I could write something totally unbelievable as well. A time traveler’s Blog. This would be a man from the future sent back in time to “base” in 2008. His job is to frequently travel back in time and fix hiccups in the “space time continuum”. His blog acts as his journal and report to his leaders back in 3011 who log onto the old fashioned internet and check the blog as the updates come. So the blog would represent his stories of how he saved our world. For example pushed the iceburg into the titanic to make sure that James Cameron could make his grossing movie hit which would send Leonardo DiCaprio to fame where in 2022, Leonardo would donate all his money to a children’s orphanage that would eventually raise up our 2047 President of the United States. Thank heavens for that save, otherwise we all be under Communist rule in 2047. This would be his blogging adventures.


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