Final Project: Online Fiction Story

One man is sent back in time to prevent two long lost twins from coming in contact for the safety of the future world.

One twin begins his search to find his long lost brother. With a prophecy of disaster coming when they meet one USX agent is sent back to prevent their meeting. Along the way he solves other ridiculous small time continuum problems. But as the twin draws closer to find his brother the lines of who’s right and who’s wrong begin to blur. We learn that this meeting of brothers is in fact what saves democracy and that the agent has been deceived by his leaders. In desperation we see in letters to his wife his attempt to bring the boys together before his damage can’t be undone. In a final post we learn of the meeting of the brothers and the security of our future is in place.

The characters are Tim Waterson- lost twin brother and blogger extraordinare. Tim posts his blog thoughts and quest for finding his brother in a semi serious semi humorous way. Tim his supported in his quest by his girlfriend Tina. Tina is a geeky punk girl who speaks her mind. Tim’s parents seem to either not know about his twin or not want him to know. His blogging is a secret.

The other main character is Capt. Sam Wilck who is the agent of USX. Generally a good person, he follows his orders to a T. You see his professional side in the blogs to his leaders but a romantic human side in the blogs to his wife Vanessa. You never hear Vanessa because she in the future but you learn a lot of what he thinks about his life.


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