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Batman: Gotham after Midnight 1 review

Right off the bat, I just want to say that I am a fan of this kind of Batman story. As you will come to know, I really enjoy stories that put Batman in a more realistic environment. The long Halloween, Killing Joke, the recent run in both Detective and Batman Comics, all of this I love. Because it is real. Well Batman: Gotham after Midnight has that same realistic feel to it.

We start the story with Batman catching the scarecrow up to some of his devious tricks only we find that according to Batman this isn’t the scarecrow’s normal MO. It would seem the scarecrow is seeking some gross old hand he calls the Hand of Glory. Just has scarecrow claims his prize, Batman comes out of the shadows and slugs him across the face saying, “I’m Batman.” When scarecrow doesn’t reply Batman asks him if he heard him, to which scarecrow replies, “The ‘Batman’ thing. Yeah. We’ve met.” There is some scuffle and the scarecrow tries to gas Batman to which Batman claims he’s grown immune and then smacks scarecrow again and rips off his mask and we see that Craine is not immune to his own gases. As he sees hundreds of Batmen pointing at him asking his MO. Needless to say the Police intervene and Batman flees.

The rest of issue in a glance goes as such. We see the bells strike midnight and reveal all these sneaky devils coming out into the night as well as several good common citizens fleeing into their houses. On the 12th dong we see our first glimpse at who I think is going to be out major villain and his is not one that I have seen before. Batman and Gordon have a conversation involving a very creepy Batman accusing one of Gordon’s men (or women) taking credit for his work. Batman says it’s important that the criminals know it is Batman putting them away. (Personally I could see it being important that the criminals know that the GCPD can do something too but that is just me.)

Following Gordon and Batman’s chat we see Batman in a very odd looking Batman cave. Most of the cave is filled with some machine that Alfred calls a “monstrosity” that looks like it could only serve the purpose of defeating Godzilla. (Alfred’s words, not mine. I think that this machine will come in use before the end of the series. Mark my words) Alfred convinces Bruce to eat a sandwich and reveals an important clue all in one page. Amazing. Which leads Batman to an old restaurant were after a attack by a gang of some sort we get our cliff hanger ending with Batman lying (gasp) dead!

This story is quick and flowing and not especially difficult to follow. The art work is also very Dracula Batmanish (Probably because it is the same artist, Kelley Jones). Mr. Jones’ artwork is fantastic. Perfect visuals to match Steve Niles creepy storyline. This issue is worth picking up for sure. I have already read the second part and I will say that it keeps right up with pace as we have another special guest villain. Whoo hoo. I will post my review on that issue shortly.

Issue Grade: B+


What’s been going on in my life

Well I thought I would give you a quick blurb with what is going on in my life. There will be no pictures because my computer is having a conniption and won’t upload pictures and I am not sure why yet.

So Tia is working and keeping busy with her calling as Primary secretary. She does an amazing job with that and I am constantly impressed with her devotion to that calling. Just another thing that she amazes me with. Tia’s sister Brit has moved down here and is moving into her new apartment today. Brit is awesome and has been living with us/my parents for two weeks and she is great to live with. It can be frustrating having some one live in your space but Brit is easy to work with just like her brother before her.

We are weeks away from the Dark Knight opening in theatres and I am incrediably excited because following that we will have Comic Con. It will be a nerdy month but I am way excited and so is Tia. Other then that not much is happening for me. I am still working at Little America and applying around for a second job. If anyone knows anything let me know.

Well that about catches us up. Thanks

New Dark Knight TV spot that is amazing!

There is a new Dark Knight TV spot that is just plain awesome. It is my favorite one yet and you can see it here.

“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the establishment, and everyone loses their minds!”

This Weeks Bat Titles!

We have some Snazzy stuff coming out this week! Including:

Batman: Gotham after Midnight #2– When the clock strikes twelve some of Batman’s strangest foes emerge to cause terror both supernatural and real!

Batman: Jekyll and Hyde– Trade back featuring a story with two face!

Also this week Wizard Magazine will be released with three covers one of which will feature our beloved Dark Knight!

The Dark Knight Viral Websites

So yesterday the Dark Knight gained a myspace page to add to it’s lengthy list of web pages.

The viral ad campaign done by 42 Entertainment has produced numerous false websites and made for fans websites. So I thought it in the best interest to produce a list for you of these websites. I think I have kept track of them all so here they are.–Joker’s homepage from this point we have had several other sites pop up to send his clown crew on various missions. Some of these are:
Personality Profile
The Perfect Getaway
Out of Time
It’s all part of the Plan

We’ve also had several sites set up by the good citizens of Gotham-
The Gotham Times– The Fictional newspaper that has a connecting website= The Hahaha Times.
Other Gotham sites include:
Gotham Cable News
Gotham Ferry System
Gotham City Rail
Gotham Cab Company
Gotham National Bank
Gotham Unified School District
Gotham Hotel-Though this one seems to be down!
Gotham Pizzeria– Click on the shaking ha in Gotham!
Remembering Gina
Maiden Avenue Report
Citizens for Batman-As well as the Underground site. The User name is Nycticeius and the password is Merritt
Acme Security Systems
St. Swithuns Catholic Church
Betty’s House of pies
Rossi’s Deli
Kinsly Travel

And of course we have the Gotham police force both the good partners and the corrupt partners.

Gotham PD
Major Crimes Unit
Gotham Internal Affairs
Gotham Operation slipknot
Gotham Victims advocate
Joseph Candoloro

Amongst all of this we have Harvey Dent Running for DA. Here are his and his competitor’s sites:

I believe in Harvey Dent– And the joker’s site I believe in Harvey Dent too can be found here. Highlight the page for a surprise.
Rachel Dawes believes in Harvey Dent
We are the Answer
Dana Worthington– She also runs the victims advocate site found above.
Trust Garcetti
Concerned Citizens for a better Gotham-SOB’s

Some random sites:
Rory’s Death Kiss-See my picture under the title “spreading the word”
Clown Travel Agency
The Dark Knight Myspace
The Dark Knight homepage
The Dark Knight on Comcast
The Dark Knight on V Cast with Verizon

For more detail on any of these sites and the way they worked visit this excellent wikipedia-ish site on the Viral Campaign-here.

It has been an amazing ride and with the Dark Knight less then a month away we may not see very many more sites popping up. But with all the hidden fun in these it should keep us busy for quite sometime.

The Dark Knight opens in all conventional theaters Friday July 18th.

Harvey Two Face First peek

Yesterday we were lucky to receive the first image of Harvey Two Face from the Dark Knight in a awesome clip.

The viral website for Gotham Pizzeria came up about 5 days ago and yesterday the “HA” in Gotham began to shake and when you clicked on it you were taken here.

Should be awesome.

Holy Blog, Batman!

Welcome to Batman Blogged! The fan site that will devote it’s writings to everything Batman. I know that there are thousands of fan sites out there about Batman but I really hope that this one will be able to carry it’s weight amongst these other greats. I really hope that we will be able to open new fans to some good readings and viewings as well as being able to teach old fans a new thing or two! Let’s get started!

Barry the Gummy Bear

In every state in America and most countries in the world, you can find Gummy bears. They are delicious and popular and each little bear has it’s own story, but I will bet you have never heard the story of Barry the gummy bear. Though I would suppose that to fully understand Barry’s story you would need to understand the Gummy bear life.

Gummy bears, or G-bears has they like to be called, have one really big goal in their life. The goal is to be eaten. People always think that when we eat a gummy we are killing it or in some way hurting it when in fact we are helping it reach it’s true gummy goal. They call this gummy zen. To be eaten is the highest honor awarded any gummy.

Now not every gummy that goes to the store will be eaten though. A gummy has to maintain it’s best appearance and look the juiciest to chosen. A gummy must never forget to stretch or it will become hard and less likely to be eaten. And finally a gummy must always (and I repeat) always stay clean. The frank fact is that gummys’ attract fuzzies and if a gummy gets fuzzy well it’s no good for a tummy to swallow a fuzzy gummy so the gummy will never get eaten for sure. I guarantee that.

Now how does this relate to our hip bear, Barry? Well Barry was destined to be special. The gummy Gods of the Black Forest created the finest gummy juice in the world. It was a new flavor, berry-twist and the rumors had already circulated that it would be the best in the world.

Barry was going to be created from this flavor and he was sure to be chosen for eating, but has the silver mold lowered to create this perfect bear something went terribly wrong. The machine hit a kink. The mold stopped and the juices began to harden. The mold must be pressed immediately or the bear won’t create right. Just at the last minute the machine suddenly kicked back in and molded a bear. The bear was Barry but instead of being perfect the delayed mold had turned him into a squished and flattened bear with only one arm.

Barry awoke and found himself squished without an arm. He would never be chosen to be eaten His deformed body and missing arm had taken him from being a perfect gummy to being nothing. Now he was just a nobody sitting amongst everybody else.

“Why am I not special?”, he cried aloud.

“You are very special Barry.” said a voice somewhere nearby.

“Who said that?”, he sniffed.

Out of the corner stepped a old gummy bear with only one leg and covered in fuzzies. This bear hobbled over to Barry and said his name wasn’t important to just call him Grandpa.

Grandpa told Barry that each bear was special. Regardless of appearance or color what mattered was what was inside. Barry wasn’t perfect because of his arms or shape, he was perfect because he was a bear. A gummy bear. And each bear was created in the image of their creator, the silver bear mold. Sometimes if someone turned out different it was because they were strong inside and they had perfect flavor to help them. He told Barry to stay strong and he will be eaten.

They were about to be scooped into the bag and Grandpa turned to go back to his hiding spot. Barry stumbled over his words, “but…but…Grandpa if you don’t come now you will never be eaten!”
Grandpa replied something that Barry never forgot, “If I would have left a year ago when I was molded, who would have told you how special you are. No Barry, I must wait here and teach the new bears that what makes a Gummy special is what’s inside. That is what’s important!”

Barry realized that Grandpa sacrificed his own Gummy-Zen to teach everyone. Barry would not let him down. He would help everyone learn in his bag. They would learn that what makes you perfect is on the inside not the outside. No color or shape mattered more or less then any other color or shape. (Even the Gummy worms were someone special.)

In the end, at the store, Barry’s bag was the first one off the shelve and he was the first gummy to be hand picked by the boy to be eaten. Every Gummy cheered at Barry rose to the boy’s mouth and disappeared inside.