Barry the Gummy Bear

In every state in America and most countries in the world, you can find Gummy bears. They are delicious and popular and each little bear has it’s own story, but I will bet you have never heard the story of Barry the gummy bear. Though I would suppose that to fully understand Barry’s story you would need to understand the Gummy bear life.

Gummy bears, or G-bears has they like to be called, have one really big goal in their life. The goal is to be eaten. People always think that when we eat a gummy we are killing it or in some way hurting it when in fact we are helping it reach it’s true gummy goal. They call this gummy zen. To be eaten is the highest honor awarded any gummy.

Now not every gummy that goes to the store will be eaten though. A gummy has to maintain it’s best appearance and look the juiciest to chosen. A gummy must never forget to stretch or it will become hard and less likely to be eaten. And finally a gummy must always (and I repeat) always stay clean. The frank fact is that gummys’ attract fuzzies and if a gummy gets fuzzy well it’s no good for a tummy to swallow a fuzzy gummy so the gummy will never get eaten for sure. I guarantee that.

Now how does this relate to our hip bear, Barry? Well Barry was destined to be special. The gummy Gods of the Black Forest created the finest gummy juice in the world. It was a new flavor, berry-twist and the rumors had already circulated that it would be the best in the world.

Barry was going to be created from this flavor and he was sure to be chosen for eating, but has the silver mold lowered to create this perfect bear something went terribly wrong. The machine hit a kink. The mold stopped and the juices began to harden. The mold must be pressed immediately or the bear won’t create right. Just at the last minute the machine suddenly kicked back in and molded a bear. The bear was Barry but instead of being perfect the delayed mold had turned him into a squished and flattened bear with only one arm.

Barry awoke and found himself squished without an arm. He would never be chosen to be eaten His deformed body and missing arm had taken him from being a perfect gummy to being nothing. Now he was just a nobody sitting amongst everybody else.

“Why am I not special?”, he cried aloud.

“You are very special Barry.” said a voice somewhere nearby.

“Who said that?”, he sniffed.

Out of the corner stepped a old gummy bear with only one leg and covered in fuzzies. This bear hobbled over to Barry and said his name wasn’t important to just call him Grandpa.

Grandpa told Barry that each bear was special. Regardless of appearance or color what mattered was what was inside. Barry wasn’t perfect because of his arms or shape, he was perfect because he was a bear. A gummy bear. And each bear was created in the image of their creator, the silver bear mold. Sometimes if someone turned out different it was because they were strong inside and they had perfect flavor to help them. He told Barry to stay strong and he will be eaten.

They were about to be scooped into the bag and Grandpa turned to go back to his hiding spot. Barry stumbled over his words, “but…but…Grandpa if you don’t come now you will never be eaten!”
Grandpa replied something that Barry never forgot, “If I would have left a year ago when I was molded, who would have told you how special you are. No Barry, I must wait here and teach the new bears that what makes a Gummy special is what’s inside. That is what’s important!”

Barry realized that Grandpa sacrificed his own Gummy-Zen to teach everyone. Barry would not let him down. He would help everyone learn in his bag. They would learn that what makes you perfect is on the inside not the outside. No color or shape mattered more or less then any other color or shape. (Even the Gummy worms were someone special.)

In the end, at the store, Barry’s bag was the first one off the shelve and he was the first gummy to be hand picked by the boy to be eaten. Every Gummy cheered at Barry rose to the boy’s mouth and disappeared inside.


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