What’s been going on in my life

Well I thought I would give you a quick blurb with what is going on in my life. There will be no pictures because my computer is having a conniption and won’t upload pictures and I am not sure why yet.

So Tia is working and keeping busy with her calling as Primary secretary. She does an amazing job with that and I am constantly impressed with her devotion to that calling. Just another thing that she amazes me with. Tia’s sister Brit has moved down here and is moving into her new apartment today. Brit is awesome and has been living with us/my parents for two weeks and she is great to live with. It can be frustrating having some one live in your space but Brit is easy to work with just like her brother before her.

We are weeks away from the Dark Knight opening in theatres and I am incrediably excited because following that we will have Comic Con. It will be a nerdy month but I am way excited and so is Tia. Other then that not much is happening for me. I am still working at Little America and applying around for a second job. If anyone knows anything let me know.

Well that about catches us up. Thanks


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