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The Dark Knight

I talked about it the whole way home. I talked about it while I brushed my teeth. I talked about it to my wife while I laid in bed. I thought about it while I went to sleep. I dreamed about it.

The Dark Knight was the single greatest movie I have ever seen. When they started to promote this and the hype built I soon began to wonder if it was going to live up to my amazingly high expectations. It flew past them. I don’t even know where to begin so I will just cover some of the basics.

Image. This movie was spectacular in its appearance. I saw it in imax both times and seeing it those amazing views of the city as well as it’s fantastic blu ray-ish imax scenes this movie was both stimulating and exciting.

Characters. Without spoiling anything this has one of the best casts. Every character seemed fit for their roll. Of course special talk goes to the amazing Mister Ledger for his unbelievable performance as the Joker. His creepiness and humor (which is creepy) was so perfectly timed and his look was just awesome. I would also like to mention that acting props go to Aaron Ekhart for his performance as Harvey Two Face. This is how it should have been done. Which takes me into the next part.

Story. What a fantastic story. In all the comics I have read, books too, the animated series and the new Batman series never has a story been told so perfectly. It was the greatest story of Batman in the world. With Batman Begins attached as a prequel to this story it becomes the cementing foundation of what Batman’s world should be like. I send my thanks to Chris and Jonathon Nolan and David Goyer and all else involved for breaking the mold with this story.

This movie was beautiful. Something of dream to see. I know that talk that is going to begin to circulate now. Will Nolan do a third? Can he top that? But for me personally I am not worried. Batman will live on and I believe Nolan will do a third. As for topping that, while it may be hard, I put complete faith in him. For now though, I say sit back and enjoy the movie. Just knowing this movie is out there is enough for me right now.


Get Smart Review

Well I am going to assume most of you have seen Get Smart with Steve Carell. I am also going to assume most of you HAVE NOT seen Get Smart with Don Adams (the 1960’s version). I was worried about that. A lot of remakes of classic shows like this often keep the same corny jokes from the 60’s or have so many humorous references to the original show that younger viewers miss the boat and don’t get the movie.

Get Smart is not that way at all. I think this movie is the perfect example of a TV show update. We do still have some of those same old jokes (ie the cone of silence) yet they have been updated in a way to make it fit our time. All at once they have their own jokes as well. They have taken their own spin on each one of their characters.

The best example is 99. In the original show she was fascinated with Maxwell Smart. Head over heels in love and he could do no wrong. And it was funny she made that funny. In the new movie however 99 is completely irritated with Smart. She thinks he’s a doofus and not ready for the field. It was perfect.

In the final note of a good remake they didn’t reference a whole bunch. There was the perfect amount of references for that particular movie. We see some of the old cars, hear some of the old sayings, heck he even uses a shoe phone but makes it work. A shoe phone in the day of microscopic cell phones and they make it work.

This movie is littered with twists and gags that I find great. Like when the chief almost gets spear headed by that fish through the window and Max asks him if he is thinking what he is thinking. Then the chief replies if you are thinking ,”Holy sh**, holy sh**, a spear almost went through my head, then yes!” As a fan of both the original show and the originals shows movie “the nude bomb” (ask if you really want to know what it is about) I just became a fan of this incarnation as well. This is a great movie and if you haven’t seen it get out and see it now!

Movie Grade: A-

Batman R.I.P. #678 Review

So I am going to pretend like you have already read this issue. (Meaning if you have not read this issue, read it and then come back here.) Grant Morrison’s storyline is complex and would require a lot of back story to explain it and I would rather get straight to the meat.

So it was awesome. No real complaints from me, but that is not to say there aren’t complaints out there, because there are. I want to address the biggest complaint I have heard. “The story is to damn complex. It’s not reader friendly.”


Since when did Batman need to be reader friendly? For me personally, the fact that it is not reader friendly is one of my favorite parts. You see every year hundreds of Batman stories (and stories of every other character just about) are released with a simple plot ready for people to jump right on board with no research or care. Just start right up, which is fine because that is how people get hooked in. But every once and while it is nice to have a story for older Batman fans. People who have devoted their life to it, people who know Batman. And this is what Grant is giving us. If you want a hop on story, go to Detective Comics. No bash intended, as I am in Love with Paul Dini and his run of stories on Detective, but the fact is they are like individual animated series episodes. Batman plays all the roles or detective, lover, ass kicker and it is great. A good place to hop on.


Morrison is giving us something crazy references that go back to old issues like Batman 113 and Batman 156 and more. He is giving us the Club of Heroes little known villains. He is turning everything from the fifties, all the sci-fi weird stuff into realistic story. Did you hear me, realistic. It is amazing. Each issue is a puzzle. A “Da Vinci Code” of comics. Frankly. I must say this is the best I have read, ever, in a regular book like this. Fantastic.

To go along with Morrison, could we ask for a better, more humbler guy, then Tony Daniel for the art? He reminds me of Jim Lee in some ways…only better. I love his artwork. Morrison’s story is great, but without Daniel this wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is shaping up to be. Since you have already read this issue think about the last page. I am the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Awesome, a page for the comic history books. Daniel took a oddly queer looking Batman costume and made it look pretty bad ass. Awesome work. I can’t say enough. Go to Tony Daniels blog and tell him just how great he is doing. I want to see him stay with Batman for a long time…maybe ever.

Issue Grade: A