Get Smart Review

Well I am going to assume most of you have seen Get Smart with Steve Carell. I am also going to assume most of you HAVE NOT seen Get Smart with Don Adams (the 1960’s version). I was worried about that. A lot of remakes of classic shows like this often keep the same corny jokes from the 60’s or have so many humorous references to the original show that younger viewers miss the boat and don’t get the movie.

Get Smart is not that way at all. I think this movie is the perfect example of a TV show update. We do still have some of those same old jokes (ie the cone of silence) yet they have been updated in a way to make it fit our time. All at once they have their own jokes as well. They have taken their own spin on each one of their characters.

The best example is 99. In the original show she was fascinated with Maxwell Smart. Head over heels in love and he could do no wrong. And it was funny she made that funny. In the new movie however 99 is completely irritated with Smart. She thinks he’s a doofus and not ready for the field. It was perfect.

In the final note of a good remake they didn’t reference a whole bunch. There was the perfect amount of references for that particular movie. We see some of the old cars, hear some of the old sayings, heck he even uses a shoe phone but makes it work. A shoe phone in the day of microscopic cell phones and they make it work.

This movie is littered with twists and gags that I find great. Like when the chief almost gets spear headed by that fish through the window and Max asks him if he is thinking what he is thinking. Then the chief replies if you are thinking ,”Holy sh**, holy sh**, a spear almost went through my head, then yes!” As a fan of both the original show and the originals shows movie “the nude bomb” (ask if you really want to know what it is about) I just became a fan of this incarnation as well. This is a great movie and if you haven’t seen it get out and see it now!

Movie Grade: A-


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