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Batman 3 (rumors and thoughts)


Sorry it has been so long, I went to Comic Con and have been busy trying to catch up. So a lot of my friends and family ask me about rumors for the next Batman film. I am the resident Bat fan for my area and they are always curious about what I think should be the plot or who I think should be the villain. I also am asked constantly if Two Face is dead. (Yes…he is, broken neck, read the script) So here are some of my thoughts and opinions about the upcoming Batman film.

Director- I don’t think anyone but Chris Nolan should do this film. He has a vision and he does it amazingly. If someone else has to do it, I think David Fincher would do a good job. He makes some pretty impressive films. Seven is excellent and has a Gotham-ish feeling. Overall though, Chris Nolan is the guy.

The Cast-Should be kept the same. No questions asked.

Robin?- No absolutely not. No logical man would endanger a 12 year old boy. And we don’t need another 30 year old robin (i.e. Batman Forever). But… I do think putting Dick Grayson as an orphan in the movie would make sense. Se below for more.

The Villain- I wouldn’t mind seeing some traditional villains. Maybe Mad Hatter, Penguin, or the Riddler. If you are going to use the Penguin associate him with mob some how. No Tim Burton Penguin human mix! Personally though I think a good villain would be Hush. Now I know what you are thinking, no one knows of Hush…that story is too complex for a movie, etc. But hear me out…down below.

PLOT- Within the plot are so many weaving little intricacies that I will have to summarize, so here we go.

Copycats- We have seen the copycat Batmen, I say we see a little joker following. Lets have some of the weird sixties villains (kite man I am looking at you) start trying to do as the Joker did. Start trying to make their name in Gotham’s criminal underworld. Not only would it put Batman up against some lame ass themed villains which would bring in the humor but it would also give a good idea of the changing criminal in Gotham. From suit and tie Mob boss to an absolute crazy Batman obsessed villains.

Dick Grayson- Batman has lost almost everything since the last one. He’s lost Rachel, his beliefs, and probably his direction. Let him be dark and almost crazy in the beginning and then let Bruce Wayne find a young orphan whose lost his family to the mob(?). Bruce lets this boy stay in his home and starts to find a new joy in his life as a father figure. But just before things get too cushy…

Hush- Hush starts attacking Bruce…that’s right I said Bruce. Keep the same idea from the comics Bruce and Tomas Elliot as friends but take away his use of all the villains. You could perhaps use Riddler but that would be up to the writers and how well it would work. I think having Hush taunt Batman with revealing his identity to the world while threatening those closest to Bruce. Obviously now that Batman has a child in his home to protect and a villain who knows all about him we might be able to produce a very good story.

His Love Interest-
Now I don’t want to complicate things two much, but Catwoman does make a great love interest. I think the way to use her right though is to not let her date Bruce has Bruce. I always found it unbelievable that Batman and Catwoman have a fling and Bruce and Selina meet up also not knowing the others identity. Put Bruce with Vicki Vale or someone and then have Bruce be distracted on dates thinking about a certain feline criminal he let slide the night before. This could be decent but it might over complicate things or make the movie to simple and comic booky. (i.e. Spider Man with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy in Spider Man 3…kinda corny)

The one piece I am stumped on is how to save Batman’s reputation with the police. Without Two Face to take the fall how will it all work? I don’t know. He left one cop alive she could confess to save her own tail. But I am not sure how? Depending on how involved Hush or Riddler is, he could find out the truth and reveal it just to destroy hope in his crusade to destroy Batman. That would sure kill Batman’s spirits to have the ending in vain. Who knows?

We need to continue the realistic theme which is why I steer clear from Mister Freeze, Man Bat, etc. So who knows what the next movie will bring. I am still riding the enjoyment of this movie. I think whatever Chris Nolan decides to bring it will be perfect. I know Joker is a big shadow to live in, but if they do their best on the next one I think it will all work out. PS if this script shows up somewhere I think Warner Brothers needs to credit me đŸ˜‰