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Nightmare on Temple Square goes digital

Travis here again. Many, many of you have heard versions of the nightmare at temple square. A story that haunts my life has a constant reminder of going the bathroom before going out to enjoy the lights at temple square. Recently I had an assignment in my creative concepts class. The assignment was two part.
1) Using visuals I was to tell a story about a specific time in my life. The story was to have a moral as well as express a particular emotion such as panic, fear, happiness, relief etc. I fretted over this assignment for weeks. I knew I have a great story but was afraid to tell it to a group of 25 BYU students. Then I had an idea. I could use the visuals as a opportunity to tone down some of the gross details and then tell the story. So I did. I was nervous to tell the tale but must have done well because I was one of two students in the entire class to receive two rounds of applause and I was the only student to have his teacher start the first round of applause. So it went well.
2) The second part of the assignment came after we told our story and it was to create an ad based on the story. This also proved problematic because every ad I came up with was kind of offensive. But I finally settled on one that I am satisfied with.
So below are the six cards used to tell my story. They were all made on illustrator, except the second card which was made on photoshop and then moved to illustrator for printing. The bottom seventh card is the ad I made in response to my story. The ad was made on photoshop and printed from there as well. If you’ve never heard the story you may want to ask me to tell you sometime. Enjoy!


My first ad… precious.

So for my creative concepts class we had to take a crappy ad found from any magazine and turn it into something pretty and fun! The first is the bad one I found in the back of the TV guide. The plant reminds me of pot and dreadlocks so I have dubbed the ad “pot head”. Plus the coupon/mail order at the bottom screams “I am from the 70’s!”

The next picture is a very bad scan of some of the thumbnail ideas I did for my new ad. They are hard to read but I felt there was some amusing ideas hidden in there. There are also some confusing and weird ideas. 3=50? Still not sure what I was thinking on that?

Finally the third ad is the “finished project” I put finish in quotes because the ad could still use quite a bit of touching up but was good enough for the class. This ad is my first time I have used illustrator. It took me about 5 hours to put the whole thing together. Which is why I stopped where I did, five hours was enough for this tiny 5 point assignment. I am very proud of this ad but i am hoping it will look like crap compared to my work to come

Looking over the thumbnails do you see one that you wish I had done more. Let me know and maybe you will get it. I do need practice after all!

Something of a Portfolio

Travis here! So has many of you know, I have started school up at BYU you again continuing my higher education quest that has taken longer then it took for Frodo to toss the ring into the pit of fire at Mordor. Anywho so I will be taking some training classes up at the Y in my free time to get better acquainted with the creative suites. I have been reading some training books as well as meeting with some friends to learn (thanks Beau!) and so I thought I would post my first piece.

Many of you may recognize this has my facebook profile pic but haven’t stopped to really look at what it is. Crusty Booger is a spin off Buddy Holly and is the lead of the band. The tissues consist of a David Bowie-ish character on Key boards, a nameless classic rock drummer (I am thinking Led Zeppelin) and finally a nameless 80’s punk rocker. This originally started as a sketch in my book but was scanned into photoshop and colored there. I really want to do this kinda work in illustrator as I think it has more potential then photoshop for coloring and drawing. Well I will continue to try and post different artwork and assignments as they come!