My first ad… precious.

So for my creative concepts class we had to take a crappy ad found from any magazine and turn it into something pretty and fun! The first is the bad one I found in the back of the TV guide. The plant reminds me of pot and dreadlocks so I have dubbed the ad “pot head”. Plus the coupon/mail order at the bottom screams “I am from the 70’s!”

The next picture is a very bad scan of some of the thumbnail ideas I did for my new ad. They are hard to read but I felt there was some amusing ideas hidden in there. There are also some confusing and weird ideas. 3=50? Still not sure what I was thinking on that?

Finally the third ad is the “finished project” I put finish in quotes because the ad could still use quite a bit of touching up but was good enough for the class. This ad is my first time I have used illustrator. It took me about 5 hours to put the whole thing together. Which is why I stopped where I did, five hours was enough for this tiny 5 point assignment. I am very proud of this ad but i am hoping it will look like crap compared to my work to come

Looking over the thumbnails do you see one that you wish I had done more. Let me know and maybe you will get it. I do need practice after all!


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