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All Hallows Eve

Travis here. Many of you probably know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think being something of a geek and always loving sci-fi stuff and monsters and all that Halloween has just appealed to me. Tia loves that I love Halloween because I get some sort of money is no issue attitude to making Halloween fun and that includes decorations! So since we live in Sandy and most can’t (or won’t, Trav) come to our house I decided to post some of my favorite decorations.

A cool one that reminds me of Tim Burton, plus a photo of Tia and I has poison ivy and riddler last year for Halloween.
One of my favorites because this guy is always happy and his buddy always looks scared. Scared to the point of pooping. The big dude glows in the dark so at night you can still see hims grinning.
Nothing is better then homemade. Here is the robot that ate Barbie, and for some reason seems to be a female robot. Not really sure about that, but what can you expect. I added the eyes and the Barbie body. It used to be holding the head but it disappeared…
Ah, Baby pumpkin, the most frightening of all my creations. This little head fits nicely over the top of the pumpkin to make your pumpkin the creepiest around. It is my proudest creation of Halloween. A little burnt face, lazy-eyed crazy chain smoking baby. Nothing says creepy like baby pumpkin. I just finished this years pumpkin, “bear-wolf” pictures will come soon.
This is a cool bucket head skeleton. I put the candy in him and he will stand by the door on all hallows eve.
This vampire is my favorite. When you squeeze him he has the most corny vampire laugh. That combined with his sorta blank stare at your shoes makes him the perfect vampire, much better then that Edward fellow…
He’s springy and soft, you gotta love him.
El Sombero! He has been around since our first Halloween and I love this dude. He fits the season perfect and reminds me of that French Skeleton from the Beetlejuice cartoon!
This picture and the next two are the newest to join our decoration set. Monsters from Target. They are great and ad some variety to our world. We have ghosts and vampires and skeletons but we’ve never really had monsters!

Doesn’t he look so fricken’ happy. Like he is bathing in chocolate!

Well there you have it. Halloween may be one of the few times I actually post pictures and not ads so I hope you enjoy it. I do have some cool ads coming soon though for DC Comics and also an anti smoking ad, plus I will add vampire Trav from facebook and also Bear-wolf when i get pictures from Whit. Until then …

Keeps Bugs Outside, Kills Bugs Inside… unless they are mutant bugs

So I was informed by my wife that I forgot to post my Ortho ad assignment. This was a solo assignment from about a month ago. My professor asked us to pick a product and put together two ads for it. One ad could only have copy (no pictures, just words) the other ad could only have words and logo (no copy i.e. words). So having recently bought some Ortho bug spray this product came to mind.
I really ended up like this product because I was able to combine the strategy for the campaign with some fun science fiction. I am a big fan of the old sci-fi horror movies of the 50’s with corny giant bugs and what not. You know the movies that end up on MST3K. So taking some images from two old movies I made ads that focused around giant bugs. That images are borrowed from the movies THEM! (about giant ants) and Earth vs. the Spider (about, you guessed it, a giant spider).
Now the photoshop isn’t too great because I was still learning. I should go back and redo these (and probably will for my portfolio) but I don’t have time right this second. The first two ads are my original ideas. I had done a lot of brainstorming and settled on these but as I was looking for pictures I came across some pictures that fit better and thus the two lower ads were created.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.