Keeps Bugs Outside, Kills Bugs Inside… unless they are mutant bugs

So I was informed by my wife that I forgot to post my Ortho ad assignment. This was a solo assignment from about a month ago. My professor asked us to pick a product and put together two ads for it. One ad could only have copy (no pictures, just words) the other ad could only have words and logo (no copy i.e. words). So having recently bought some Ortho bug spray this product came to mind.
I really ended up like this product because I was able to combine the strategy for the campaign with some fun science fiction. I am a big fan of the old sci-fi horror movies of the 50’s with corny giant bugs and what not. You know the movies that end up on MST3K. So taking some images from two old movies I made ads that focused around giant bugs. That images are borrowed from the movies THEM! (about giant ants) and Earth vs. the Spider (about, you guessed it, a giant spider).
Now the photoshop isn’t too great because I was still learning. I should go back and redo these (and probably will for my portfolio) but I don’t have time right this second. The first two ads are my original ideas. I had done a lot of brainstorming and settled on these but as I was looking for pictures I came across some pictures that fit better and thus the two lower ads were created.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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