Full Frontal Nerdity

My 2nd time partner Garrett and I had an assignment called Candy Shop. This is where you pick a product or business and do a full campaign for them of 3 ads and an electronic media of sorts. We went through many ideas before finally setting on this one that featured an idea that most people hide the nerd in them. I know this is a lot of reading but I am pretty proud of this campaign so pound through it if you care about me at all 😉

We started our campaign by doing something a little different. We did a mini play to share our point. Here is the script:

(Travis has headphones on and is kinda dancing)

Garrett- watch cha listening to?
Travis- Oh Cool jerk, it’s the coolest!
Garrett- Ya man it rocks, hey my name is Garrett, but people call me G-thug
Travis- Hey G-thug, I am Travis, I don’t have a nickname, but all the women I date call me dreamy.
Garrett- I am immensely popular with the ladies too
Travis- Yeah, I date lots and lots and lots of women, mostly dancers
Garrett- He dude, I gotta jet
Travis- I own a jet too!
Both turn backs to each other, look around sneaky like a start to read a comic book
garrett- awesome
Travis- What you have witnessed here is not an alternate reality, nor is it an episode of the twilight zone it is an exaggerated version of reality. Our strategy says people are afraid to show who they really are but what they don’t realize is that being a nerd is being cool. This is more true today then ever. So here is our campaign:


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