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How to be a hero… besides you know joining the Marines or being a doctor or something. Click the photo to be taken to source.


10 things I learned while listening to Paul McCartney

10. Sitting by yourself is awkward for all involved. I was one seat from the aisle and thought for sure that I would get it because who would come to the concert alone. If you guessed old creepy dude, you are wrong because it was a young high school girl. Which made me (gasp!) the old creepy dude. Believe me, anything you say to a 17 year old girl at a concert is creepy regardless of how innocent it sounds. “Glad were near the bathrooms, right?”

9. Go to a concert with a backup singer. This is kinda weird, but I went to the concert with my friend Mathew Myrup and he apparently likes to sing the backup parts of songs. I myself like the lead vocals so we ended up covering the full spectrum of the song. It was like we were the band. It was impressive work for sure but undoubtedly creepy to people sitting on either side of us. (see #10)

8. “My Love” is the song your grandma listens to when she is “in the mood”. I watched two old ladies cup their hands like they were praying and mouth the words to “my love” along with Paul. Honestly, there was more love in their eyes then I’ve seen in some marriages.

7. Bring a knife… or some scissors. This isn’t for stabbing or for protection but to cut your chairs apart. They use some sort of plastic tie to pull the chairs together and this can make the concert a little tight unless you want to sit on your neighbor’s lap which is uncomfortable when your neighbor is a dude or a 17 year old girl. (again, we find ourselves referenced to #10) 

6. The bathroom is where you go to see Paul up close. No one was allowed to stand in the asiles and so if you wanted an unobstructed view of Paul pretend you need to go to the bathroom. This is where my neighbor spent most of the concert, apparently I got that asile seat I so dreamed of.

5. If you’re my wife, enjoy the concert from your deck. Yes, my wife, who opted not to come to the concert so she could save her money for the Lion King later this year, could hear the concert from our deck. She kept texting me what song was playing. I was thinking, “sheesh, last time I spend 100 bucks a ticket.” I mean she could hear the audience singing. She even said that she could hear me specifically cause I was off key.

4. Fans of all ages. Seriously, one of the cooler parts of the show was the fact that there were fans from age of baby to age of dying adult. Everyone could take a part in the music and that was cool.

3. It really got started with Band on the run. I am not a huge fan of everything Paul has ever done so the first 45 minutes were kinda slow. Mostly showcasing his later solo stuff but then “band on the run” began playing and from there it got better and better. It probably hit it’s peek at “Live and Let Die” which had some amazing camera shots, fireworks and an active crowd to go along with it. I could feel the ashes of the fireworks. But his tributes to both John and George were very powerful also. Sadly no tribute to Ringo, guess you’ve got to be dead… or not Ringo. 

2. It helps to bring a sign. I saw a lady with a sign that said “Paul, you’re in Utah now marry us!” I joked to Mathew, what a waste of time to make a sign, lug it with you to the car, through the parking lot, into the stadium and hold it at your seat. I mean its not like he’s going to see the sign and be like, “okay, I’ll marry you.” He did. Seriously, he literally pointed out the very sign I was mocking and then they showed them on camera. Mathew leaned over and said, “It helps to bring a sign, eh.” Yeah. It helps.

1. You will lose a cap. I bought a 5 dollar water and before she handed it to me she took the cap and threw it in the garbage. I peeked over to see a garbage full of caps. What a cheap trick. Now I couldn’t put my water down, applaud, or do anything for fear of spilling this precious water that came has been collected from Paul’s sink. I couldn’t save my water, so I had to drink. Then I would get thirsty again and 5 more dollars. Blah. It was a never ending circle of cap/water death.

So you see, Paul McCartney was the best concert of my life. It was active, full of songs I love and unlike most other oldies concert I’ve been too, it wasn’t being haunted by the dead and aging hippies of days past. Seriously, IF he comes back, fork up the change to see him… or come sit on my deck.

You know…

I like to go to the library and demand the dewy decimal system

Describe my abs? Okay.

Take a six pack of soda and put it in a bowl, add jello mix and water. Let sit in fridge. Poke hole for belly button.

Seriously, what is wrong with me?

I am afraid to open eggs for fear of seeing a dead bird. Did something happen to me has a kid?

I probably shouldn’t be looking at myself…

While pouring hair gel into hands. Got distracted, emptied bottle.

BYU follows up awesome water fight with well, being BYU


My school of choice recently stepped up and did something unusual and different by allowing the record breaking worlds largest water balloon fight to happen on campus. It was an amazing event (so I hear) that is surprisingly out of character for the usually tight campus. It of course was only a matter of time tell the school would turn to it’s old ways again!


Yeah, mad men. Awesome.

Creepy Crawlers set I just bought. I am a nerd


Another little teaser from the upcoming portfolio. I am getting the details hammered out and am quite excited for the idea to take shape!

Love Child


9 months ago my ketchup got intimate with my mayo. Today a beautiful jar of fry sauce is born. He is so handsome. Congrats everyone!