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We have ended the 6 month shuffle of the music. 20 bucks if you can guess the artist and song.


A body… or where one should be


My yard is the scene of the crime.

Drink off!


Last week for our break at work, Mathew and I decided it was time to run a blind taste test to determine what sodas we prefer. The test consisted of several categories. The first test was sprite vs Sierra Mist vs 7UP. The next test was Coke vs Pepsi. Then Mexican (real sugar) Coke vs Pepsi throwback (again real sugar). The final test was Mexican Coke vs Coke and Pepsi throwback vs Pepsi. While both of us took all the tests I was the ultimate subject because I had not had any caffeine in 13 years. I was completely unbiased because I couldn’t remember any of the tastes.

Well the results were surprising. All my life I’ve been a Coke guy but in a blind taste test I preferred Pepsi in every test. Also apparently I am really into sugar because I really enjoyed the real sugar drinks in every case. Finally I preferred Sprite, then a distant Sierra Mist and a very distant 7 Up.

Overall this test made for one of the more fun nights I’ve ever had at Little America. Mathew and I have run other tests in the past but this was obviously the most scientific because we used an excel spreadsheet to record data 🙂 As this coming weekend will by my last weekend working graveyard shift I can easily say that playing scientist with Mathew will be what I miss the most about graves.

Mowing in style


My old fashioned lawn mower is cool… When my grass isn’t 18 feet tall. Then I just want to burn some gas and ride a lawn mower around my yard.

Look how long this grass is?


I wasn’t kidding about my lawn.

I just lost the weed trimmer in the grass

Yep, I am an awesome homeowner

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world is AMAZING!

Give this movie your money now!

Operation the game has taught me

How to get a golf ball out of bird poop infested waters. #taughtbyoperation