Monthly Archives: October 2010

An upside down world!


I just love Halloween. It’s a time when my shirts match the rest of the world.


Psycho: Upgrade or no?


When is the time to upgrade a DVD to Blu ray? It’s a question that is asked a lot. Especially by me. Some people say that unless the film was shot with a high def camera that it is not worth the upgrade. I suspect in many cases that to be true, but take the above movie for example. Psycho is a pretty old movie, obviously not shot in high def but I wonder if seeing it upgraded would be worth it? Sure it may not be as good looking as some of the current blu rays out there, but I think it will be better then my scratchy 1998 version. So what do I do? It is halloween after all and watching Psycho in high definition on Halloween, might be the ultimate way to celebrate this holiday in style. If I did that, I imagine the ghost of Mr. Hitchcock would be with me and that would be nice.

Murder, murder. This man thinks of nothing but murder


Halloween is coming up, anyone have any suggestions for this years costume? Recent past costumes have included a found and murdered where’s Waldo, riddler from batman and of course creepy Elmo head. What is this years choice?

My word, what have we created?


I woke up the other day and looked in the mirror and so help me, this creature version of me was staring back. It looked like some alternate version of me only straight out of hell. Maybe it was all in my head or maybe it was the special soda pop that the man in the lab coat gave me, either way, it made it so I won’t sleep again for weeks.

I want in my house


I spent this week in New York. It was an amazing school field trip (minus the smelly bus) to visit all the advertising agencies. These lovely pieces up above could be found on the walls at an agency called Grey. The entire experience over the course of the week was amazing and really opened my eyes at what an awesome career I’ve chosen. I will try and post several pictures over the next few weeks to show you a little bit of what I saw. Needless to say, to those of you who were hoping I won’t move to New York, things aren’t looking good, I sure loved it there. Urban Jungle.