Psycho: Upgrade or no?


When is the time to upgrade a DVD to Blu ray? It’s a question that is asked a lot. Especially by me. Some people say that unless the film was shot with a high def camera that it is not worth the upgrade. I suspect in many cases that to be true, but take the above movie for example. Psycho is a pretty old movie, obviously not shot in high def but I wonder if seeing it upgraded would be worth it? Sure it may not be as good looking as some of the current blu rays out there, but I think it will be better then my scratchy 1998 version. So what do I do? It is halloween after all and watching Psycho in high definition on Halloween, might be the ultimate way to celebrate this holiday in style. If I did that, I imagine the ghost of Mr. Hitchcock would be with me and that would be nice.


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