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Utah named cheapest state by NAB!

Utah was recently named the cheapest state in America by the NAB (National Association of Bums). “I’ll spend close to all day on the streets asking for money and get nothing but Book of Mormon cards. I can’t eat them, well, I can, but they don’t taste good”, said local hobo Crunchy Trash Steve. 

“Most of the time, people just tell me that they gave my money to tithing”, said a homeless man simply called Dave-killer. “I am not even sure where I can find Mr. Tithing but I’d sure like to get my dough!”

NAB awarded the state of Utah the prized birdie finger drawn on a cardboard box with marker. “I am very proud of this state for keeping every piece of spare change they have”, said local resident, Terry Harper. “I am pretty sure the money I didn’t give the other day doomed a hobo’s life to digging for cigarette buds in the trash cans.”

Utah is known for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the church’s many relief programs, like the Bishop’s Storehouse. Members of the church are encouraged to give ten percent of their income to the church who then gives it out through relief programs and payments towards church maintenance. 

“I never feel any obligation to give to anyone wearing cardboard shoes, because my tithing money gives them all the real shoes they need. If they’d only ask and attend church… and be baptized” said LDS Young Mens Secretary Will Johnson, of the Wagon Ward in Salt Lake. “They probably should serve a mission”, Johnson added. 


An old doodle


A doodle, I found while digging through some stuff. I probably did this about a year ago. I think I should make a TV show about this guy.



This is a present I made my dad for Christmas. A few years ago he bought a “sculpture” of this leaf with a creepy face for my stepmom because “she likes art”. The sculpture became something of a joke in our family and eventually was given the name Leafus by me. As a joke I made this “painting” for him representing Leafus as he was descending the tree of life to teach the people before returning to the branches the following spring.

My Little Travis!


For my family’s white elephant party, I decided to give a little piece of me. I created this action figure which featured genuine hair from my actual head. The face was done with permanent marker but the eyes and mouth were erasable to that you could give My Little Travis various expressions. The toy came with a white box that featured Batman and Robin on the cover from Batman #1. The white box held the markers and eraser for the face.

The Toy was a hit and was stolen twice and finally won by my Grandma who is very proud and promised to keep it forever. This limited edition toy is sure to become a collectable! See more pics at