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What is the most odd thing in your wallet?

People often look at me and wonder… what is in that boys pants? Specficially what is in his wallet. A wallet is like a man’s purse, full of odds and ends and the occasional spare change. A wallet can say a lot about who you are or where you are going in life. For example: A bus pass? You’re either poor or cheap, oh I am sorry “conservative”. Kronos card? You probably work at Little America Hotel or weirdly, BYU. Both have the same Kronos system. A hot topic frequent shopper card? Well, you’re probably either a gothic or someone who enjoys ironic tees.

You see, all those things are in my wallet and all tell you a little bit about my life. But what is the most odd thing I carry? Well it’s a silver dollar coin that I have carried for 10 years now. I originally started carrying it because someone told me that pretending you were the Batman villain Two-face got the ladies. After learning that was false, I moved into just carrying it for good luck. I have lost this coin in the library, a pool, a women’s changing room and several other places but we always manage to find each other.  

I carried this coin through my final years of high school, through my mission and all my colleges, through my dating of my wife and I still carry it today. It is a symbol of my nerdy origins. I guess I am just lucky that pretending to be two-face was so easy. I would have been a lot creepier, going around pretending to be the Joker with clown makeup on for the last ten years. So that is the oddest thing I carry in my wallet… oh besides that fake fingernail I found at a school dance, but that doesn’t count. (It still has some of the glue on it)


Oh, hello there

So, I have a secret job. I control the blog for my advertising program. I am the keeper of knowledge over there. The funny fact is that I rarely write for that blog, I usually just have someone else write and edit their work. But recently I took on an assignment myself to fill in for a girl who never writes even though she is supposed to. So here is the link to my story. It is a tale of great fun and adventure. Give it a read, especially if you work in the adlab, because this is … ADVENTURES IN THE ADLAB

If you don’t work in the adlab you should read it anyway. Just to see what it’s about.



Here’s a logo I did for my visual communication class. It’s nothing to shake a stick at but it’s still not to bad.

Poster for Visual Communications. True Story


This is how I wish my weekend was spent. It was actually spent on homework. Blah.

Except for the lovin’ part. There is always room for lovin. 🙂