Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sneak Peek


I felt that you needed a sneak peek from my new upcoming Doritos commercial, Nemesis 2: Nemesis Harder. We shot it last night and it stars Jeremy Warner has the new victim. It has a different feel than the first one but the same sort of humor exists. It should be online in a week or so. Look for it.



I’ve been watching some stop motion stuff and decided it was time to try some of my own. So here is my attempt. It’s called Battleship.

Six Picture Story

So for my visual communication class, we had to tell a story in 6 pictures with no “dialogue”. Here is the one I did. I love my homework. Enjoy!

Babies… gotta love em

Most videos I post are either commercials or movie trailers. This is neither. But sheesh, if this isn’t the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Interview with Idea Baby

I spend a lot of time at school updating the blog on the website I don’t actually write very many posts, I mostly edit which is a job, I’ve actually quite enjoyed. This week we ended up a writer short due to my own error. Since it was my fault, I decided to contribute the missing post. 

So here it is, my post for BYU. Take a look.

It’s been a pleasure. 


My Book Cover


We were asked to redesign a book cover for my visual communications class. I choose IT, by Stephen King.

The book is given an old design because the thing known as IT in the book is at least hundreds of years. I wanted to give the feeling of an old lost novel, something you’d find in a spooky book store in a small town, like the one the book takes place in. The clown-skull was used because the most popular form that IT takes is that of a clown, but the clown brings only death. I gave the clown no body but used eight hanging balls because the true form of IT is that of a spider-like creature. The back of the book shows a paper boat and says “For Georgie” because Georgie is the first death in the book when he chases his paper boat into the gutter. Georgie is the character that sets the story into motion and also compels the characters to face IT.

The story of IT carries a lot of symbolism in it and I wanted that to exist on the cover as well.

Visual Communications

This semester, I am taking a class at BYU called Visual Communications. As far as classes go, this one is a winner. There is a lot of homework but it is fun to do. I’ve included a couple of my recent assignments up here for you to admire.
The first is a poster we had to make promoting the class. This was a fun one because the teacher of the class, Chris Cutri, is like the most humble, soft-spoken guy you could meet but in the ad I make him sound like he is constantly blowing our minds with his Godliness. I recommend reading them all, there are a couple of gems in there.

The second two pieces are the front and back of my business card. We had to design something that describes us and my love of comics (particularly Batman) showed through strong. Plus the card comes in a tiny plastic case. How awesome is that?

Front of Card:

Back of Card: