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How it should’ve ended

Best thing of my day.


Battlestar Galactica

So, I recently (last night) finished watching the series Battlestar Galactica. It was amazing. In my time watching TV, few shows have really won me over; Lost, Fringe, Mad Men and the first season of Heroes to name a few. I would rank BSG right up there with all those shows. It was amazing. 

One thing that made it so awesome was the length of the show. It is only four seasons which is actually quite small for a popular show. Lost had six and shows like Monk and Smallville have moved into the nine and ten range. Like Lost though, BSG was kept short so that it could tell and finish the story. But unlike any show I’ve ever watched, ever episode is essential. Most shows will have several fillers in a season that are just there to kind of hold place while some actors take a break or to make sure to save the best episode for Sweeps but there is nothing like that in BSG. Every episode is required and every episode moves the story along. 

Another great aspect of the show was the season finales. Every single one of them gave a new direction to the show and was incredibly powerful. Season two and three both proved to be my favorite finales but season one is good as well. The characters are all exceptionally different and you become quite a fan of several. Saul Tigh became my favorite character by the end of the series. 

Overall, if you have not seen this show, you should watch it right away. This show is ranked, in my opinion, with Lost. While I didn’t come to that conclusion immediately, I knew by season two that I was watching something special and by the end of season three, I was sure this would be like Lost in my mind. I haven’t stopped thinking about the final episode since I watched it, last night. There were many, many episodes that kept me awake and night thinking about the plot twist I had just experienced. So stop putting it off and go and watch one of the BEST shows to ever be on television. I am not joking. One of the best shows EVER.