Real work, by golly, it’s real work!

The great thing about Leo Burnett is the amount of “hands-on” work you get to do right out of the gate. I’ve made commercials before for spec work but only being a few months into the job I made one officially, i.e. for real. So without further ado, here is my first commercial from Leo Burnett:

I made that with my AD partner McKay Hathaway.

Recently, I had the opportunity work on the big Mario 3D Land pitch. I worked as a team with Ryan Boblett, Brad Harvey and Allan Holmes on this commercial:

and this similar one:

Both projects had my creative director Dom Maiolo, driving the idea, which was great. It has been really cool to be on the job for these different ideas to see them executed.

The good news is we are already working on some more stuff. I’ve got some sold print in the works and we’re close on this digital campaign as well.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, two commercials? Do you have a butler now?” The answer is: Yes. I am now a millionaire.

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2 thoughts on “Real work, by golly, it’s real work!

  1. National commercials for Nintendo? You’re big-time now, dude. I’m not sure I can even message you anymore. Don’t mind me. I’ll just crawl back to that B2B brochure I was, uh, “concepting” on.

    (Congrats, Travis. Mucho awesome fun!)

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