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My gift to Simon

So around the time that Simon was born, I really wanted to get him a “birthday” present. Something nice. Well, I stumbled across this fantastic artist who was selling this amazing Batman print.

It was a limited run of 250 and was never going to be printed again. So I snatched one up.

The print tells the story of a villain invasion at Wayne Manor and a little Batman works his way through the mansion fighting evil doers left and right. The print is full of tributes to just about every Batman show/movie/comic you can imagine. It is really something to behold.


The artist is Les McClaine and you can find the print in full computer size here.

Well, I just got it back from the framer and it looks fantastic. It is perfect for a little boys/mans room. So it will be going up in Simons room soon.

Below are more pictures of the lovely print and frame work.

So happy Birth Day Simon! Dad loves you!







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Bus ride

Bus drivers are like doctors. If they are having a bad day, you might end up dead. I think my bus driver was having a bad day. I was trying to see if there was medication in his cup holder, like he was just jamming the pills down. He kept running red lights and then he dropped off a bunch of people in the middle of the road, rather than pulling over to the side. Once he almost hit the back of another bus.

It was like being in the move Speed.