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Good news for fans of Exorcism.

Full disclosure, I have never seen* the movie The Last Exorcism but full steam ahead anyway.

I recently came across an article on slashfilm that said the following about the sequel to the Last Exorcism:

It’s called Beginning of the End – The Last Exorcism II, which was revealed on the below audition memo found by Know the Artist (via Shock Till Ya Drop). The film will reportedly take place three months after the events of the first film and return Ashley Bell as the possessed Nell.

Interesting right? Let’s break this down.

Here we have a sequel to a movie called the LAST exorcism. So right off the bat, the fact that we have a sequel tells me that what you saw in the first movie was not the last exorcism. I mean if this sequel was a prequel then we might still have witnessed the last exorcism but it’s not, it picks up three months later and unless this exorcism has been going for three months, we’re looking at least two separate exercises.

Maybe what we saw in the original was the Last Exorcism for a particular person? Nope, this film features the return of Ashley Bell as the possessed Nell.  Poor kid is back for more.

This new movie is called “The Beginning of the End” which tells us that what we saw in the first movie wasn’t even in the beginning of the end, it was just a regular old exorcism.  This subtitle also tells us that what we’re seeing in the sequel is only the beginning of the end so there will probably be a third or fourth movie featuring the middle of the end and the end of the end. Which is two or three more exorcisms, meaning the original most likely wasn’t even the second to last exorcism.

So to summarize what we have here is a movie called the Last Exorcism that doesn’t feature a last exorcism. A sequel call Beginning of the End – The Last Exorcism that most likely won’t feature the last exorcism because it’s only the beginning. Jeeze this movie franchise is starting to sound like me when I am eating doughnuts.

This is the last doughnut.

Alright, I’ll just have whatever doughnuts I can hold in my hand. This will be the beginning of the end of the last doughnut.

*Jeremy Warner has clarified for me: “It’s called the Last Exorcism because Spoiler Alert: the priest in the first film was a career exorcist doing one last exorcism to expose it’s a hoax. He gets murdered, so it really was the last exorcism.”

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