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For Tia

So for the past few months I’ve been writing a weekly column on that is all about comics called Talking Shop. Every week I sit down and spend two or three hours writing about how much I love Batman or the X-Men or different creators. I do this because I love comics and there are many people out there who love to read what I have to say about comics. It’s just something fun for me to do when I am not thinking about advertising.

Well, this week I am going to break the normal flow and write two columns. One will be all about Batman and you nerds know where you can find that but the other is being written for an audience of one. So for Valentine’s Day I give you (yes you, Tia):


So what are we going to talk about? Well not comics but I think it would be only appropriate to keep this in the vain of a real column, so today we’re going to talk about ten things I love about Tia Meidell. Now I always say this in my regular column that these ten things are in no particular order and that remains true here. I love many things about Tia and these are just a few of my favorites.

Also mushy warning: This is going to get mushy because if there is one thing I love more than comics, movies, Batman or whatever, it’s my beautiful wife. So deal with the mushy-lovey-googley words. But I won’t ever use the word “Lover”. Ugh. I think that is the grossest word. Yuck. Anyway, let’s get started.

Tia is a fantastic homemaker.

I know “homemaker” sounds like such a 50’s word. Like I should follow this sentence up with “Tia never speaks unless spoken to” but that’s not what I mean. Tia stays home and takes care of everything while I am at work. She keeps our house basically spotless which is great because I am such a neat freak. Whenever I get home she has some great dinner cooked up for me that is healthy and delicious. She makes me a lunch pretty much everyday. I am completely spoiled. I don’t ask her to do this (not always anyway) yet she does it anyway. I can’t thank her enough for all the lunches, dinners, floor scrubbings, ant killings and everything else.

Tia lets me be a complete nerd and still loves me

I know there are many women out there who would be embarrassed if their husband owned 20 superhero t-shirts or read comics at night but Tia has never cared. She lets me talk about comics to her, she watches all my nerdy shows with me and never complains. I mean she even let me bring Batman: The Animated Series on our honeymoon so I could watch it in our downtime. What kind of wife does that? I can’t imagine being married to anyone else who would have such a high tolerance of nerdiness. I just want to thank her for letting me love the weird things I love.

She has yelled at me like two times total

We’ve been married for almost seven years and I’ve gotten yelled at maybe twice. Think about that. Think about all the stupid things I’ve done and said and I’ve only gotten in trouble with her maybe twice. It’s crazy. Now this isn’t to say that we haven’t fought but she’s put up with a lot and still loves me. She has the patience of a saint.

Tia believes in me no matter what

One thing that can be said about Tia is she thinks I can do anything and has supported me whenever I have tried. She encouraged me to get into advertising. She supported me during the crazy stressful times of BYU. Even now she pushes me to take writing classes at Second City, do improv and write for a comic book site. She has never doubted me or thought any of my ideas were stupid. She believes I can do anything and frankly with her in my life, I probably can.

She keeps me on the straight and narrow

I am naturally a pretty unreligious guy. If I hadn’t been born into a church I probably wouldn’t belong to any church because religion has never interested me but when I do pray and read my scriptures, I live a much happier life. I know that much to be true. Well thanks to Tia I live a pretty happy life. She makes sure that we read and pray everyday. She helps me when I don’t feel motivated (which is all the time) and keeps me going on the right path no matter what. When I make it into heaven we all know whom I will have to thank.

She thinks about me everyday in everyway

To say that Tia thinks about me all the time is an incredible understatement. Tia will work hard all day and when I get home will force me to sit down and relax. She gives me really great foot and head rubs. She pushes me to get to bed at a reasonable hour so I don’t fall asleep at work. There is no one in this world that thinks about me as much as she does. If I ever feel down or tired, it’s a little bit easier knowing she is thinking of me.

Tia loves my family and they love her

One of my favorite things about Tia has been the fact that she loves my family and they love her right back. I often joke with her that if my family had to choose between us that I’d be out of a family. It’s not really a joke. I know for a fact Whitney likes Tia more than me but I don’t mind. I like Tia more than me as well.

She loves our son like there is no tomorrow

If there is one thing I love the most about Tia, it is how much she loves Simon. It blows my mind how much patience and love she has for that kid. I love him to death but she spends the whole day with him and then spends the night showing me pictures of him from that day. Before she goes to sleep she always says she misses him. I remind her that he poops his pants and cries but she doesn’t care, she loves him all the same. Can’t say I blame her because he is amazing but she has a motherly love for him that makes me so happy.

She is beautiful

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the fact that I think my wife is the most beautiful woman I know (and don’t know for that matter). Without getting super mushy there are times that I see her looking at me and wonder if she knows just how beautiful I think she is. Her eyes are so pretty and she has a smile that melts my heart. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over seeing her everyday. I hope not.

Someone to spend forever with

One thing I love about Tia is that I get to spend forever with her. I am so lucky. She makes everyday worth living and I wouldn’t trade a single moment of my life with her for anything in the world. I can only imagine what our lives will be like in another seven years or twenty years.

So sweetie, I am sorry I can’t be home for Valentine’s Day but I promise I’ll make up for it. We’ve got many years to come and I can’t wait to spend them with you and Simon and any other kid that decides to join our crew.

I love you the mostest. Forever.