Action Packed: The novelization

Growing up the other Travis, Steve and I were aspiring film makers to the umpteenth degree. When we weren’t spending our time planning musical numbers in our dates or working we were making films. Now the biggest issue we had here is that while we loved filming, we never bothered with coming up with a story. We were like Michael Bay without all the special effects.

So a lot of what we filmed lacked any real substance or direction, this often led to us coming up with a very basic premise and mostly shooting scattered scenes around it that we would then either leave unfinished or turn into a trailer with the promise of more to come… though they never did.

That was the story with Action Packed 2: Return of the Badguys. We create a sizzle reel of no-money shots and cut together a trailer that featured a ton of car based action and then nothing. This trailer was all that existed and all that has existed of this amazing, in-depth characters of British Intelligence, Marine Corp and a Ninja.

Take a look for yourself:

Amazing right? Don’t you wish you knew something more from this film? Even the slightest bit? Well you’re in luck. I’ve been talking to some big people and I don’t want to name names but I’ve received word that our trailer is getting a in-depth novelization done!

Can you believe it! To top things off and make it even better, we’ve been offered a sneak peek at the upcoming book. The author has kindly provided us with a look at Chapter 1. A quick note, he has misspelled my name throughout the entire thing but I am sure that will all be worked out before printing.

So without further ado:

Chapter 1.

Sir Tracis Meidell sat at his desk at M16 headquarters. This seemed to be his permanent position since the incident in Korea almost two years ago. It’s amazing that you could save the entire world, get knighted by the Queen and still end up with a desk job because you destroyed 117 company cars in the process. Sir Travis picked up the photo of his old team sitting on his desk, wondering where they are today.

Sergeant Travis “Nails” Cole of the Marine Corp, had been promoted to General and was busy off galavanting in the middle east. He had become so involved in his work that ultimately his wife had left him, taking his kids to Cleveland to be with her mother. Tracis wondered if Travis regretted all the time he spent abroad and if he missed his family at all.

Tracis hadn’t really thought about his own wife in years. She had been assassinated by those ape soldiers in that mission in the Congo ten years ago. Had it really been that long? When you see someone killed by a mercenary chimpanzee it leaves a mark that takes a while to heal. Part of the training from M16 was a mental block that allowed you to store away those memories and keep functioning. Cold… but effective.

Tracis’ attention returned to the photo again. Grand Master Ninja Masato Barnes had pulled a ninja trick and disappeared right after Korea. The bastard didn’t even say goodbye. Tracis went to take a leak and when he came back, Masato was gone. Poof. The good thing about Masato was you knew he’d show if you needed him but he hadn’t needed him in almost two years. There’s no need for a ninja when filing papers-

What was that?

Tracis heard an usual clicking noise that his training told him was not an air conditioner but was a 26B 1500 scanner. A top of the line listening device made by Porter industries .Tracis opened his drawer and pulled out his trusty Model 700 XCR Tatical long range rifle, standard issue for office workers. It’d been a while since he’d held but just like wearing shoes, Tracis slid right back into a place of comfort.

Tracis followed the sound of the scanner to a nearby closet. He slowly approached, feeling a slight case of anticipation rising in his stomach. It was a feeling he’d long missed. That feeling being full of action, ready to explode. That feeling of being… Action Packed!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.06.25 AM

Tracis pulled open the closet door to find no one but some brooms, long range rifles and printing paper. But the noise was coming from here. Tracis slid the paper and sure enough there was the scanner sitting on a shelf, running at optimal speeds. A normal ear would not have heard anything but Tracis had spent years training under a Swedish listening master. His ears hear anything. Even the blade that was placed against his neck.

Tracis smiled. He knew the man holding the blade was an expert with a killing stroke but he wasn’t here to kill. No Ninja hesitates unless he wants something more. Or maybe he’s a friend.

“Masato, you son of a bi-”

Tracis was cut off and before he could even turn around, General Travis Cole strolled in with one of his iconic smelly cigars filling the room.

“Sir, Tracis, looks like wasting away in the office hasn’t completely ruined your skill”, General Cole said.

Tracis turned around to be greeted by his old friends. But before Tracis could ask any questions, Masato spoke.

“You’re needed.”

Tracis smiled, Masato always to the point… sometimes to his detriment. Luckily General Cole continued with the specifcs, “What our Ninja friend is saying is correct. You’re needed, this time on American soil. We have reason to believe that Porter industries has developed a device capable of destroying the sun and replacing it with a large snowball. It would send the world into an ice age. He intends to black mail the major countries with it.”

Without hesitation, Tracis knew he was ready, “Well there’s no time to lose then is there? I don’t have access to company cars anymore but my 1984 Honda Accord should do the trick just fine.”

“Cars aren’t our problem”, General Cole continued. “I’ve got my Dodge and Masato is driving a nifty Toyota now. We should be fine.”

Masato jumped in, “The problem is your wife.”

Tracis froze, “My wife has been dead for almost ten years.”

General Cole looked sympathetic which was usual for his hard demeanor.  He handed Tracis a photo. But what was on the photo seemed impossible. It was his wife with business industrialist Matt Porter. She looked just like she did ten years ago. Tracis held back the tears.

“This was taken yesterday outside the Canadian Embassy”, General Cole said. “We think she’s using her degree in Biometa-physics to help Matt Porter destroy the world.”

End of chapter one.

Wow, what a twist!

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