Amazing! This man picked up every penny he ever saw and now look what he’s bought with them!

After over thirty years of scooping pennies off streets, bus floors and in one case, out of an elementary school urinal, local Seattle-ite Travis Meidell has finally decided to count all those pennies and the results will astound you.

“I’ve always said, ‘Travis you’re never to rich to stop and scoop up some pennies”, said Meidell, “even if that means reaching your hand into a bowl of urine because you’re afraid a flush might take the pennies with it.”

You could practically feel the excitement buzzing in the air as Travis counted up the 30-years worth of pennies: “77, 78 and 79. 79 cents!”

Cheers erupted as this pillar of the community showed everyone that a penny saved truly is a penny earned… Even if that means hoping your friends don’t notice you reaching into a bowl of piss for less than a nickel.

“Tonight, we’re buying a generic brand pack of hot dogs!”, Travis said as he cried hugging his family.

Faith in humanity restored.


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