Deodorant still missing; authorities baffled! 

The deodorant that disappeared yesterday morning is still missing after over 24 hours. The deodorant was last seen being carried from the bathroom by 16 month old Parker Meidell. When asked about the missing deodorant Parker had this to say, “Ba, ba, ba!”, while pointing at a ball. 

The deodorant’s owner Travis Meidell is worried about what the future will hold if his deodorant remains missing, “I’ve got a busy work week coming up and the weather is really hot. I can’t afford to go another day without my swagger!” 

When asked about buying a new one Travis had this to say, “Well, I mean I just bought this but I guess, yeah, I’d have to do that. It’s like $4.99 though.” 

Travis’ wife Tia seemed much more optimistic about the deodorant being found. “It’s bound to turn up”, she said, “and in the meantime he’s welcome to use mine.” 

Travis replied, “that [he’d] rather die!”

As of press time though Travis had found that he liked smelling like his wife’s “whipped cocoa butter” deodorant and was no longer sure if he cared to find his Old Spice. 


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