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Death by Patman (No, that’s not a typo)

You’re probably wondering if I meant to say “Batman” instead of “Patman” and I didn’t. Patman is exactly what I wanted to say. What’s a Patman? It’s Batman combined with my friend, Pat Koelling. Now I imagine this has lead to a couple new questions like why am I combining these elements and how did they almost kill me? Well that’s what I am here to tell you today.

Pat Koelling and I sorta went to school together. He graduated right after I started but we were basically forced into friendship by two factors. The first factor was that our wives were former roommates. This built-in connection forced Pat and I into basic level interactions. The second factor that lead to our friendship was that everyone told us we had to be friends. Pat is a pretty funny dude and sorta began this hierarchy of random-humor guys. It seemed as though there was an invisible crown passed from person to person with the most random (read: stupid) humor. So Pat was the first and when Andy Laugenour joined the program after Pat left, everyone would say things like, “oh, Andy, you’re the new Pat”. Which sorta made it seem like Pat had died even though he was still around.

When I joined the program, everyone would say, “Oh, Travis, you’re the new Andy.” I guess this made Pat my sort of humor grandpa or something. For the record and purpose of linage, after I left, Robbie Rane became the new Travis. Both Robbie and Andy have gone on to successful careers at one of the greatest (if not the single greatest) advertising agency in the world, W+K. Leaving Pat and I to assume that this magic W+K gene must skip a generation.

This great historical linage of Pat, Andy, Robbie and I has forced us into being friends because we were each essentially designed to replace the next one upon their death in the program. So when Amazon was looking into bringing another copywriter onboard, Pat was the first person I thought of. I did submit names of several friends (each of whom would have been great to work with) but Pat had everything Amazon was looking for and so he was brought on board quickly.

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